Some articles engaging with current graphic design issues

With the continuing dearth of academic articles that treat graphic/communication design as a specific research discipline, I’m always on the lookout for (and writing about) content that does address this. Indeed, a recent article that I read drew its conclusions about ‘designers’ from such a wide range of disciplines, that it may as well have been addressed at all office-based professional disciplines. With that in mind, here are some that are more specific.

Graphic design and artificial intelligence

I’ve been interested in graphic design and artificial intelligence (AI) for a little while. Well not so much interested, as been aware that there have been occasional articles about it which contribute to the wider discourse of AI and creativity. The articles are generally written from computer science and HCI perspectives and are often quite limited in their understanding and framing of graphic design. But this is one from a designer’s perspective is worth reading in my opinion: Creativity as Computation: Teaching Design in the Age of Automation. (Kaiser 2019).

Graphic design and performance

Performance and graphic design is something that I come back to often, as it’s a key interest, so here’s an article about graphic design and performative methods (Meron 2020). If that works for you, it’s probably also worth looking back at this one from (Howard et al. 2002), about ‘Provoking Innovation: Acting-out in Contextual Scenarios‘, which is referred to in the above article.

Graphic design within academia

Establishing graphic design within academia is also an ongoing theme and so this excellent article  by (Corazzo et al. 2019) about ‘The Challenges for Graphic Design in Establishing an Academic Research Culture’ brings some of the important issues to the fore. Similarly, this conference paper from the Design Research Society’s 2020 conference, discusses the important topic of women in graphic design (in an Australian context) (Connory, 2020). 

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