Researching the graphic design brief

“What’s the brief?” is a fairly everyday question in graphic design studios. But there appears to be little research on design briefs and the briefing process, even when looking at wider design research discourse (Jones & Askland, 2012; Paton & Dorst, 2011). 

This is intriguing, considering how integral the brief is within so many design practices. At the same time, it’s also surprising how different the physical briefs and the briefing processes are within different design disciplines.

That said, once again, it’s important to realise that each design discipline is different. Indeed, the conceptual nature of briefs in communication design briefs allows them to be more creatively interpreted, setting them apart from the more formal models that technical design briefs draw from. And the operational briefs of architectural design (Blyth & Worthington, 2010; Khan, 2009), are different from those of software development or IT systems design.

The format of the design brief itself can also vary; sometimes only comprising of one page (Elebute, 2016; Nov & Jones, 2006) or one line (Jones & Askland, 2012). At other times the design brief may be a far more complex document (Ambrose, 2015; Patterson & Saville, 2012).

Clearly more work needs to be done in this area within graphic design. And perhaps we also need to be asking whether some form of standardisation needs to be considered, alongside the continuing evolution and struggle for professionalisation of graphic design within industry, as well as acceptance as a specific discipline within academia (Meron 2019, p65).

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